Top 15 best-paying jobs in healthcare

The healthcare industry is known for its stability, job security, and rewarding nature, making it a popular choice for those seeking lucrative careers. With the ever-increasing demand for healthcare services, professionals in this field are often well-compensated for their expertise and dedication to improving patient health outcomes. If you’re considering a career in healthcare and looking for the best-paying jobs, you’ve come to the right place. So, let’s dive into the world of best-paying healthcare jobs and discover the possibilities that await!

Top 15 best-paying jobs in healthcare

Healthcare is a rapidly growing industry, and there are many high-paying career opportunities available. According to a recent report, the top 15 best-paying jobs in healthcare include:

1. Anesthesiologist

Anesthesiologists’ jobs require a significant amount of education, as they must be trained medical professionals who are experts in administering anesthesia. After completing medical school and residency, anesthesiologists are responsible for carefully monitoring patients’ vital signs during procedures to ensure that they remain safe and comfortable.

The salary for anesthesiologists is typically quite high, averaging around $400,000 or more per year. This is well above the average salary for most professions but reflects the high level of expertise and responsibility that comes with the job. While there is certainly a great deal of pressure associated with being an anesthesiologist, it can also be incredibly rewarding to know that you are helping to improve people’s quality of life by reducing pain during medical procedures.

2. Surgeon

Surgeon jobs are highly sought-after positions in the medical field due to their prestigious and rewarding nature. The salary for a surgeon varies greatly depending on the specialty and location, with some earning upwards of $500,000 per year. However, becoming a surgeon is not an easy feat; it requires many years of education and training, as well as dedication and hard work. Surgeons must have excellent communication skills to communicate effectively with patients, families, and colleagues.

Additionally, they must possess exceptional critical thinking abilities to properly diagnose and treat patients. While surgeons may face high levels of stress at times, the reward of making a difference in someone’s life and improving their health is incredibly fulfilling. If you’re considering becoming a surgeon, it’s important to weigh the benefits against the demands required of the profession before pursuing this career path.

3. Physician

Becoming a physician is a big commitment, one that takes years of hard work and dedication. But for those who stick with it, the rewards can be substantial – not just in terms of job satisfaction and personal fulfillment, but also when it comes to salary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), physicians and surgeons earn a median annual wage of $208,000 per year.

Of course, this figure can vary depending on factors like specialty, location, and experience level – but even at the lower end of the scale, doctors typically earn six-figure salaries. Plus, in addition to their base pay, many physicians receive benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off. So while becoming a doctor may not be easy or cheap, for those who are up to the challenge it can offer financial stability and security for years to come.

4. Orthodontist

Orthodontist jobs can be incredibly rewarding for those who choose to pursue them. With a median salary of over $200,000 per year, Orthodontists can enjoy the financial stability and job security that comes with a high-paying career in dentistry. The work itself can also be quite fulfilling, as Orthodontists work with patients to straighten their teeth and correct any bite or alignment issues they may be experiencing.

While becoming an Orthodontist requires years of education and training beyond just dental school, the payoff can be well worth it for those who are passionate about this field. Additionally, job opportunities in this area are expected to grow faster than average in the coming years, ensuring that there will always be a demand for skilled professionals in this industry.

5. Psychiatrist oral 

 A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in the treatment of mental illnesses or disorders. The minimum education required for this position is a bachelor’s degree, followed by four years of medical school and four years of residency training. Salaries vary depending on location, experience, specialty, and certification, but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for psychiatrists is around $220,380 as of May 2020. It’s safe to say that this is a pretty decent salary!

However, it’s important to note that oral communication skills are crucial for success in this field. So if talking and listening to patients for hours on end sounds like your thing (and you’re willing to put in the work), then go ahead and pursue that psychiatric career path!

6. Maxillofacial surgeon

Maxillofacial surgeon jobs require extensive training and expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to the face, jaws, and mouth. As a highly specialized medical profession, maxillofacial surgeons command some of the highest salaries in healthcare with an average annual income of over $400,000. However, with this high earning potential comes significant educational requirements, including four years of dental school followed by four to six years of surgical residency. Maxillofacial surgeons must also obtain proper licensure and board certification before practicing independently.

Despite these challenges, maxillofacial surgery is a rewarding career choice for those interested in helping patients restore form and function to their facial structures while making a considerable salary.

7. Obstetrician 

Obstetrician jobs require a significant amount of education, including obtaining an undergraduate degree and a medical degree. The job itself involves providing care to pregnant women and their unborn children, monitoring the pregnancy’s progress, overseeing labor and delivery, and postpartum care for both mother and baby. Obstetricians typically work in hospitals or private practices and are on call 24/7 due to the unpredictable nature of childbirth. As one would expect from a highly specialized medical field, obstetricians earn a high salary, averaging about $300,000 annually. However, this compensation reflects the demands of the job as well as the extensive training required to become qualified for it.

8. Gynecologist

Gynecologists’ jobs involve the specialized study and practice of women’s reproductive health. The primary responsibility of gynecologists is to diagnose and treat various conditions related to the female reproductive system, including menstrual problems, infections, infertility, cancers, and other hormonal disorders. Gynecologists work in a variety of settings such as private practices, clinics, hospitals, or health centers. 

Depending on experience level and location, the salary for a gynecologist can vary widely from $200k to over $500k annually. However, the median annual wage for a gynecologist is around $237k. The job outlook for this field is expected to grow as more women prioritize their reproductive health while expanding their understanding of overall wellness. Although it can be challenging work dealing with sensitive issues involving patients’ physical and emotional well-being, many find this career path to be rewarding and fulfilling when making positive impacts in others’ lives.

9. General internist

General internist jobs involve providing medical care to adult patients who have a variety of illnesses, injuries, or conditions. General internists must be knowledgeable in diagnosing, treating, and preventing illnesses and managing chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. The salary of general internists typically depends on their level of experience, location, and the setting they work in. According to, the average salary for a general internist in the United States is $195K annually.

However, they can earn more if they are working in urban areas with higher costs of living or if they are working in private clinics versus those who work in hospitals. With an aging population driving growth in healthcare industries and increased access to affordable healthcare through insurance providers creating job vacancy trends within this field, salaries will likely increase even further for those seeking careers as general internal medicine practitioners.

10. Pediatrician

Pediatrician jobs are highly rewarding and fulfilling, as they involve helping children stay healthy and happy. Pediatricians provide medical care to infants, children, teenagers, and even young adults. They diagnose illnesses, prescribe treatments or medications, and advise parents on how to keep their kids healthy. Usually, pediatricians work in private practices, hospitals, or clinics. As for salary, the annual income of a pediatrician ranges from $150K to $250K per year depending on the years of experience and location of the practice.

While pediatricians may not be among the highest-paid physicians in the medical industry but considering it as an essential job role that contributes directly to society’s well-being is impressive enough. Besides monetary benefits, pediatricians have great job security and will always be in high demand due to an ever-increasing population of babies being born every year.

11. Nurse anesthetist

Nurse anesthetists are highly specialized healthcare professionals who provide anesthesia care to patients. They have a significant role in the healthcare system as they assist in administering anesthesia during procedures, ensuring that patients are safely and comfortably sedated. The job of a nurse anesthetist is challenging but rewarding, with many opportunities for career growth and advancement. The salary for these positions is competitive, averaging around $174,790 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, this may vary depending on location and level of experience.

Additionally, nurse anesthetists are in high demand due to their critical role in surgical procedures and advancements in technology that allow them to provide better care for patients. As such, those interested in pursuing a career as a nurse anesthetist can expect lucrative salaries and excellent job opportunities moving forward.

12. Prosthodontist

Prosthodontist jobs are in high demand given the nature of their specialized skills. They are tasked with designing, creating, fitting, and modifying artificial teeth and other dental prostheses that help restore oral functions for patients who have lost their natural teeth. As such, prosthodontists earn a good salary due to the complexity of their job responsibilities, which require years of training and an advanced degree in dentistry.

Salaries for prosthodontists typically range from $150,000 – $250,000 per year depending on the level of experience, location, and work setting. However, it’s important to note that these salaries vary based on factors such as geographic location or area of specialty within prosthodontics. Nevertheless, if you’re a dentist looking to specialize in this field, you can expect a rewarding career both financially and professionally!

 13. Pharmacist

Pharmacist jobs offer an impressive salary and a promising career path for those interested in pharmaceuticals. The average salary for pharmacists in the United States is around $125,000 per year, with the potential for even higher pay based on years of experience and advanced degrees. Along with a high earning potential, pharmacist jobs also provide job stability and growth opportunities within the industry.

Pharmacists can work in a variety of settings including retail pharmacies, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and research laboratories. While it requires significant education and training to become a licensed pharmacist, the reward of a well-compensated position in a fulfilling industry makes it an appealing career option for many aspiring healthcare professionals.

 14. Nurse practitioner

Nurse practitioner jobs are becoming increasingly popular due to their high demand and competitive salaries. As advanced practice registered nurses, NPs can perform many of the same duties as physicians but also provide a more holistic approach to patient care. The average salary for a nurse practitioner has steadily increased over the years, with the median annual income hovering around $110,000.

However, this figure can vary depending on location and specialty area. In some regions or specialties, NPs may earn significantly more than this amount. Additionally, nurse practitioners have the opportunity to specialize in areas such as pediatrics or geriatrics, which can also influence their salaries. Overall, nurse practitioner jobs offer a promising career path with excellent earning potential and opportunities for growth and specialization.

 15. Physician assistant

If you’re considering a career as a physician assistant, one of the first things you might wonder about is the salary you can expect in this field. On average, physician assistants make around $105,000 per year, with salaries ranging from about $76,000 to $142,000 depending on factors like experience and location. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that these figures are just averages – your salary could be higher or lower depending on your unique circumstances.

In terms of job prospects, physician assistants can look forward to a robust job market with plenty of opportunities for growth and advancement. Whether you’re just starting or looking to take your career to the next level, there’s no doubt that the world of physician assistant jobs has plenty of interesting and rewarding options available!

These positions require advanced education, training, and experience, but offer competitive salaries and job security. With the increasing demand for healthcare services, these roles are expected to grow in demand and provide ample opportunities for those interested in pursuing a career in healthcare.

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What is the easiest medical field to go into?

The easiest medical field to go into depends on various factors such as educational background, experience, and personal interests. However, some medical fields that are generally considered less competitive and require less training include medical coding and billing, medical assisting, and phlebotomy. These fields typically require a certificate or diploma program, which can be completed in less than a year. Additionally, these fields offer opportunities for career advancement and specialization.

2-year medical degrees that pay well

There are several 2-year medical degree programs that can lead to high-paying careers. Some of the top options include becoming a physician assistant, diagnostic medical sonographer, radiation therapist, or dental hygienist. These careers typically require a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on clinical experience.

The median annual salary for these professions ranges from $70,000 to $100,000, making them a lucrative option for those interested in the medical field but not wanting to commit to a longer degree program.

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jobs in healthcare with no experience

There are several entry-level jobs available in the healthcare industry for individuals with no prior experience. These include positions such as medical assistants, home health aides, and nursing assistants. Medical assistants are responsible for administrative and clinical tasks, while home health aides provide basic care for patients in their homes. Nursing assistants work under the supervision of registered nurses to assist with patient care. 

These jobs typically require a high school diploma or equivalent, and on-the-job training is provided. Additionally, some employers may offer certification programs to further develop skills and knowledge in the field.

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